Optic is an electronic act from Sweden.

Spring 2009 Optic released their debut album “Sunset Noir” on their own independent record label “United Machine Records”, followed by the single “Inside”. In 2011 Optic started working on new material for the EP “Killing the Brave” which was released in March 2012. Later that summer the single “Saint” was released previously only performed as a live act. In 2013 Optic released a remix EP “Renoir” including four classic songs from Sunset Noir. “Believe/Need”, was released in december 2014 to promote the up-coming album. In December 2016 the single Inside (edit) was (re)released. August 25 Optic released their second full-length studio album Demons & Doubts.

All Optic releases can be purchased from our favourite distributor CDbaby or any digital distributor of your own choice world wide.

Explore and Enjoy

Optic have had the opportunity to work with other bands which of course have been a great source of inspiration. Below are two examples of past collaborations:

2010 – Futuro (SWE) Parabellum (Live Tech Mix)
2011 – Haberdashery (US) The Last One That You Love (Reinterpreted by Optic)

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