Promotion video V for Demons & Doubts 2017 (intro Black Skies)

Promotion video IV for Demons & Doubts 2017 (Obsession)

Promotion video III for Demons & Doubts 2017 (Rise)

Promotion video II for Demons & Doubts 2017 (Black Skies)

Promotion video for Demons & Doubts 2017

Promotion video for Inside (remix) 2016

Demo video for Rise (At0shima 3rr0r Remix) 2016

Promotion video for Need 2014

Promotion video for Believe (Radio Edit) 2014

Promotion video for Killing the Brave EP

An Electrifying Night with…

Optic invited friends and fans to an Electrifying Night with… at the already legendary museum Fotografiska, Stockholm, 21 August 2010 in order to celebrate┬áthe release of Sunset Noir (one year later… we know, sorry, things takes time). Below are two videoshots from the show; A live version of China Kite and a new song, written for the event, called Saint – a synth-pop classic. Enjoy


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