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26 December 2017
Optic release Rise, a 4-track single

The Swedish electropop band OPTIC is now following up the album Demons & Doubts, released in August 2017, with the single Rise. In addition to three new mixes of Rise, by among others At0shima 3rror, the single includes a new remix of Freak Show Cabaret (released 2009). The single is available on all major digital music distribution channels.

Rise (Single Edit)
Rise (Rework At0shima 3rror)
Freak Show Cabaret (Arp Mix)
Rise (Slow Mix)

All songs written and remixed by von Melen/Wiking
Rise (Rework At0shima 3rror) remixed by Kevin Müller
Photography: Adrian Jayewardene
Art direction: Andreas Beronius

Blue sky and white fluffy clouds.










25 August 2017
Optic release their second full-length album Demons & Doubts

STOCKHOLM, Aug. 25, 2017 Swedish synth act Optic announce the release of their second full-length album, entitled Demons & Doubts, via their own independent record label United Machine Records. The album, recorded at Optic Studios in Stockholm, was produced by Marc von Melen and mixed by Christopher Stannow at Cosmos Mastering.

“We have worked very hard trying to create an album with a really strong atmosphere, where all songs fit perfectly together without revoking their own individual feel and character. Some of the tracks are traditional synth songs while others have a more challenging and unexpected sound and structure. These variations make the album quite interesting we think”.

The album is available on Spotify and iTunes and other digital distribution channels.

The tracklisting for Demons & Doubts is as follows:

  1. Liars
  2. Walk With Me
  3. Rise
  4. Black Skies
  5. Obsession
  6. Emergence
  7. Soul Denial
  8. Believe
  9. Follow You
  10. Need (Edit)

All songs written by von Melen/Wiking
Additional vocals on “Black Skies”- Josephine Danes
Photography: Adrian Jayewardene
Art direction: Andreas Beronius

Previous Optic releases on United Machine Records:
Sunset Noir (album) 2009
Inside/Shallow (single) 2010
Killing the Brave (EP) 2012
Saint (single) 2012
Renoir (EP) 2013
Believe/Need (single) 2014
Inside Remix (single) 2016

Optic is an synth/electro act, formed in Stockholm, Sweden, 2004. Heavily influenced by the electronic music scene of the 80´s and 90´s, combined with their 21st century equipment, Marc von Melen (keyboards & programming) and Pontus Wiking (vocals) write music characterized by strong melodies, intriguing sound structures and profound lyrics. Their debut album Sunset Noir was released in 2009.

Demons & Doubts